Honors English 11 Course Overview

Hester Prynne, The Scarlet Letter

This course will focus on literaturelanguage, and composition. Our literature spans several centuries, from Shakespeare in the 1600s to Ray Bradbury in the 1950s. Important social issues will be explored in order to provide historical and cultural context to the material. Our discussions will be from a Christian approach, based on careful interpretation of Scripture.

Rhetoric includes the study of communication and the elements of an effective argument through critical analysis and interpretation of complex texts. Reading selections will primarily consist of non-fiction essays, articles, and speeches. Composition involves the craft of writing. You will enhance your writing skills and understanding of each stage of the writing process. Assignments will include expository, analytic, argumentative, and creative compositions as well as a formal research paper.

AP Exam

This course will prepare you to take the national AP Exam in the Spring of 2019. A strong performance on the exam may enable you to earn college credit.

Reading List
Textbooks & Resources
  • The Language of Composition, Third Edition (2018)
  • The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
  • The Elements of Style